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“This is really the original taste of Andhra Pickles. Pure and delicious, just like my mother used to make them”    ||  “This is really the original taste of Andhra Pickles. Pure and delicious, just like my mother used to make them”
Mrs. Jamuna (Veteran South Indian Actress and Philanthropist)
Nippani Lakshmi Prasanna (Founder, Lakshmi’s Andhra Pickles & Podis)

ABOUT ANDHRA AVAKAI (Pickles), Podis (Spice Powders) & Masalas for Curries

Avakai is synonymous to the centuries old culinary tradition of Andhra Pradesh. Though it is often used to refer to mango pickle, it in fact includes a gamut of delicious and nutritious pickles. The traditional households of Andhra are obsessive about the way Avakai is fondly prepared with recipes passed on from generation to generation. Its skillful preparation could be likened Cha-no-yu to the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. No meal is complete in Andhra without Avakai of at least one type or the other.

A famous adage in Telugu says: When Telugus are faced with the impossible dilemma of choosing between Ambrosia (amritam) and Aavakaya , they would always choose Aavakaya over Amritam. This explains the legendary passion that people of Andhra have for Avakai and the indispensible place it has in the cultural lore of Andhra Pradesh.

The famous philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurthi (JK) hailing from Andhra Pradesh once said "There is only one most beautiful baby, every mother has it". He was referring to the recipe of Avakai. And this 'secret' of making pure, authentic and delicious pickles passes thus has passed on for generations.

The same applies to our unique range of Andhra Podis and Masalas for curries made out of pure and choicest spices and condiments.

We at Andhra Pickles & Podis - The Traditional house of Andhra Pickles proudly carry on such a mantel, and offer you the original taste of Andhra.

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