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DABBAKKAI (Citron Pickle)


Made out of delicate blend of choicest spices, condiments and herbs, Coriander Pickle is among our products of pride. Its exotic flavour is sure to delight your taste-buds. It’s a delicious accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes.

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You would have known the Citron fruit, but now you will taste it in a unique way as never before! Dabbakai is yet another quintessential product of Andhra Pickles & Podis. It is a delicious traditional Andhra dish that will rekindle your taste buds and keep you wanting for more.


  • Citron,
  • Sesame oil,
  • Rock salt
  • ,Tamarind Extract,
  • Mixed Spices,
  • Mustard Seeds,
  • Hing (Asafoetida),
  • Dry Chillies,
  • Turmeric powder.

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